Fuel Injection Cleaning

Berkeley Island Marine has purchased the latest high-tech equipment to service most major brands of fuel injectors.    Today’s Ethanol gas attracts water and accelerates phase separation,  causing injectors to gum up quickly.  This results in boats that have rough idle, poor fuel economy, and low top end power.

Most boats have gas that has been sitting in the tank for weeks or months, accelerating the problem.   Injector cleaners you pour in the tank sometimes make the problem worse by loosening the dirt, grime and resin gum clogging the injectors even more.   The only solution is to remove the injectors, clean, and flow test to ensure perfect performance.    Berkeley Island Marine has performed this service on hundreds of motors.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine

Cross section of a typical injectors, showing filters and the complicated inner working of the device.   The fine nozzles and fuel ports get clogged up quickly.  After cleaning, Berkeley Island Marine replaces  filters and orings for top performance.


Our ultra-sonic cleaner pulses the injector while flushing with cleaners in both directions.  This flushing action cleans out all the gum and grime from all the small ports,  nozzle, and flow paths.


Typical before and after spray pattern.   The cleaned injector performs like new for a fraction of replacement prices.    The flow pattern is consistent and the mist is fine.  Typical pricing for cleaning per injector is $25-$40 depending on type.   New injectors cost in the hundreds.


After cleaning, the injectors are put back on the flow bench.  Below is a comparison of dirty and clean injectors.  Notice the difference of flow on the before section, all the injectors flowed a different amount.  This motor ran poorly, stumbled at idle, and had low top end power, as well as reduced fuel economy.    After cleaning the outboard performed like new,  the injectors all flowed the same to factory specs for top performance.

Let Berkeley Island Marine service your fuel injected engine for top performance.